I got a challenge from my writing friend Minna Uhlin and its eight things you didn’t know about me 🙂

1. I hate to wash clothes. And when a get millions and millions of money from my books i will get my self  a housekeeper.

2. When i was younger i was a hardrockbabe, i love Metallica, Kizz, AC/DC and many many more bands.

3. When i was little i learn a cat to ride a skateboard.

4. I love to play tennis and next year maybe just maybe i will join a small tournament were i live in Varmdo.

5. i dont buy clothes very often because i HATE dressing rooms.

6. I am a big fan of science/fantasy movies, Lord of the rings, Harry Potter, Transformers, Twilight saga, Narnia. I can go on and on. I love it!

7. I have been obsessed with the Twilight saga and ”Robert Pattinsson” i know i am 42-years old but i can’t help my self, he is drop dead beautiful!

8. If someone would like to torture me, they just have to get me on a boat. I am so seasick.  Its a nice way to travel but its impossible for me, not even pills helps.

I like to send this challenge to someone i know thats blogs but i am so very new at this so i don’t know anybody else but my friend Minna and Anna that blogs and they already done this. But if you up to the challange and you read my blog feel free to do it on your own blog. But maybe one person will be up to it, Ann 🙂

Have a nice day!