Walking is a nice way to get your thoughts in order. I´am  planing too write three  books with my lead character ”Alice Wilton” and her partner in crime/work ”Tyler Rimes”. I am always thinking forward in my writing and like to write more books about ”Alice and Tyler” and i was thinking how too do that. Then it hit me 🙂 put some more characters in the first and second book that can make new stories in the following books. Not so difficult ye? Basic writing ABC.

In the beginning of  ”Alice” birth she was the only child but after my walk today she has gotten her an older sister, voila!

The Birth EP

The Birth EP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love writing and the world and characters i create, too see them come alive in my head is fantastic. You come far with a vivid imagination or as i call it ”a creative mind”.

Have a nice writingday and see you soon.