but i have been writing, a lot, this weekend. I am on a role and must go with the flow 🙂

I hope you all had a productive weekend whatever you did. Soon the spring will come to Sweden and we are trying to sell our house. We hope it will be a good affair and that we will find a house a little bit closer to the buses and schools.

This weekend i found a nice website with a inspiring writer, Rachel Abbott, her website is HERE and she write about e-books and the way to get that format on to different sites and be successful.

Almost everything i find on the internet is thorugh this wonderful women. I followed her from the beginning as an aspiring writer/author (soon to be published, this year on my one). Her name is Joanna Penn and you can find her website HERE.

I think it´s wonderful too see so many creative and brave women out there. Share their story about their road to selfpublishing.  They are truly pioneers and make way for all of us in this business.

Sweat dream and good night 🙂