yesterday I spend many hours on the wrong things (like watching episodes of Beauty and the Beast) when I should focused on my manuscript.

I’m working on the last chapters so I can see the light in the tunnel but I seem to have run into a problem, I want it perfect but it is not possible and I have to stop editing while I write. I thought my little editing buddies had taken vacation but it seems that they are back.

Sometimes it feels like the brain is overheating with all the thoughts that go around to make the last chapters perfect. And I know what too do!  I have too simply sit down and write that last bit that’s left. Must tell myself that it´s a first draft and nothing else and it can not be perfect. It was nice during NaNoWriMo, when my editing buddies took a 30 days vacation.

But nobody said it would be easy to write a novel 🙂