it´s vital to your story. That´s why I read a lot about how to build and create a strong character. Today I received my book-package and the book I started to read first was Character & Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card, and I must say I like it. And I have only read the first chapter 🙂 So if your an writer/storyteller/author go and BUY the book. You will not regret it!


It´s  easy going with examples that makes you think in a more three dimensional way. The book starts with this : ”A character is what he does”  and in the following pages it´s about learning to know your character. Or people in generally.

  • motive 
  • the past
  • reputation
  • stereotypes
  • network
  • habits and patterns
  • talents and abilities
  • tastes and preferences
  • body

these are all different´s ways to get to know your characters, but the most powerful of them, the ones that make the strongest impression are the first three according to the author, Orson Scott Card, is what the character does in the story, what his motives are, and what he has done in the past.

And as the author explains in the part of the ”body” if you know the characters action, motives, past, reputation, relationship, habits, talents and tastes, they can often get through a whole story without ever knowing a character´s body= weight, eye color, complexion, size of breasts, length of the fingers, hair color, hairiness of the body, and they´ll still feel as if they know the person.

I am not used to reading book in english so I need a ”easy” read or else i put the book away. This is not that kind of book. I have just read the first chapter and I like it. A lot.

It´s very important to me to create a good story with strong characters that you as a reader will enjoy and remember. Because If you do, you probably recommend my book to a friend and that friend recommend it to her/his friend and so on. And if that happens I will be in heaven 🙂

The following months I will write a little about the other books in my book-package but I also need to edit my own script. So bear with me 🙂

Have a nice week and see you soon.

From me to you, hugs and kisses ❤

For my swedish readers of this blog you can buy the book at Adlibris.