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Susanne Ahlenius - Erotic Crime Writer

I have started to organize my script, I have two erotic short stories that I have to go through now, is to grind them with everything I have learned in my courses (Spring 2011 Writers’ Line and the London Course of coaching m Ann Ljungberg and all the books I read about the writing Art)

I’ll shall write at least 6 erotic short stories, but I will continue writing erotic short stories, it was the style and genre that made me start writing. They will be a few pieces per year, they are very fun to write and especially easier to work with, if you compare it to my novel project that is planned to be a series in the genre erotic crime novel. Publish a crime novel, it is a much larger projects so it might be a good start witha short story to learn all the moments about self publishing.

A novel projects differ in the number of words and thought 🙂 is putting it lightly. It is not easy to get an overview when approaching the 50,000 words in a single word document. There is so much to jongleras with, intrigue, characters, drama, chapter, scene, advancement, research, etc.

I have now downloaded a 30 day trial period of”Scrivener” and I must say the little I’ve seen of it already. WOW. What a view you get over their scripts, it’s unbelievable.

My plans are big in terms of my writing and that’s the whole idea that I want to give out my books myself, total control and freedom to do what I think…

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