Readers’ reactions

22 August 2014

Got the book today, and I could not put it down! Have half of it left to be read tomorrow. That is really a great compliment. Isabel

24 August 2014

Now I have finished the book and can only give you praise; thanks for a super great and exciting reading experience 🙂 Isabel

28 August 2014

Hi Susanne!

Now I have finished reading your exciting book, fantastic depictions of places and interesting characters! Eva-Lisa

26 August 2014

Hiya! Have started to read the book, but not got that far yet, but wow, how well-written it is! It is obvious that you have thought hard about the wording. Gabriella

27 August 2014

So far I have read 79 pages, really great. Easy to keep up with people, etc. Was going to have an early night, but will stay awake and read for a while. Åse

28 August 2014

This is my third evening with your wonderful book. It’s gripping and you don’t want to put it down. Really love this book. Maybe we’re a little crazy, but we’ve started a small book club, and yours is the first book. It’s really great that you have published your book and you are amazingly good at writing. Hope you’ll write more books. Take care. Maria 

5 September 2014

An absolutely fantastic book! 1000 thank yous for the honour of reading your book ❤ ❤ ❤ Love Linda

8 September 2014

I have read it and I envy those who still have the reading experience ahead of them. Absolutely wonderful! Lots of hugs and best of luck! Carola

9 September 2014

Have started to read it and I am struck by the fast pace and already lots of detailed descriptions of characters and places. Suits an anglophile like moi 🙂 Åsa

9 September 2014

The book was super great, I tell everyone I know about it. So cool. Looking forward to the next one. Maria

11 September 2014

Hi there. Yes, I love it and just want to read more!!!!  Annelie

16 September 2014

What a great book you’ve written! Read it from cover to cover on the plane!! Huge congratulations to a well-written and exciting debut!!!!!! Love Eva

16 September 2014

I really really liked it!! The language, characters and plot, were absolutely great :-)) Carola

20 September 2014

Such an incredible thrill, only 100 pages left now! Sara

23 September 2014

Hi and a big thank you for a very exciting reading experience. Look forward to the next book! 😉 Love Wanda

25 September 2014

Thanks for a wonderful autumn reading experience. Look forward to the sequel!. Janicke


Review by Anneli Ståhlberg 30 September 2014

Dödlig åtrå (Deadly Desire) is a truly exciting story that hooks you on the very first page, and keeps reeling you in until the end. An erotic crime story, is not something I would normally read, but this time I am glad I did. Yes, there are a lot of steamy erotic passages, but to me, this book is so much more. It is the thrill of the cat and mouse game, that I like the most about this sometimes very violent story. The frustrating hunt for a killer, blended with blossoming love and human woes, create a perfect balance. A story that is very hard to put down. And when you have finished reading it, and finally find out what happens, it leaves you with a yearning for more.



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